Master's studies

Global Production Engineering and Management

The goal of this specialization is to prepare students for work in an environment of globally diversified production activities. Courses are delivered in English, provide growth opportunities for Polish students and are designed to benefit the development of foreign students. The program is modeled on a similar curriculum implemented at the Politecnico di Milano. Its characteristic feature is the use of modular classes, where subjects are grouped into larger areas: International Production Engineering, Business Management, Economics & Finance. The academic faculty of the Institute are specialists in most of the activities carried out in the program.


Digital Technologies in Production Management

The goal of the specialty is to continue learning about the computerization of production processes. The study program includes the following subjects: Automation and robotization of production, Digitization and cybersecurity of the enterprise, Big data in industry, Designing IT systems for production and logistics, Strategic production management, IT start-ups, IT project portfolio management.