Engineering’s studies

Field of study - Management and Production Engineering

Specialty: Production Management                                                                                  

This specialty reflects the main scientific and research area of the Institute. The issues presented to students mainly concern: organization of production processes, principles of technological and organizational design, production planning and control, organization of enterprise support services (transport, storage, renovation, utility, energy, etc.), logistics, quality control and control, organizational methods and techniques management support, production efficiency analysis, use of IT tools supporting production management. Thanks to the cooperation of the Institute's employees with business entities, students receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also have the opportunity to develop solutions based on case studies.

Specialty: IT management systems

The main areas of knowledge presented in this specialty are: BI in management, Programming 1, Operating systems, Investment effectiveness analysis, Software engineering, Programming 2, Internet of Things, Designing information management systems and ERP Systems. Thanks to the extensive experience of the Institute's employees in the implementation of IT systems supporting management, practical skills in IT project management are transferred to students.




Field of study - Mechanics and Machine Design

Specjalność Inżynieria Produkcji

Education in this specialty is a combination of the advantages of the M&MD field and the specialization Production management. The didactic program is based on the patterns of the "Production Engineering" faculties of highly developed countries. The Institute's employees conduct classes related to modeling and control as well as production organization and management. The Institute's employees also conduct classes at other fields of study offered by the Faculty of Production Engineering.