The Institute of Production Systems Organisation has traditionally been concerned with teaching and research-based problem solving in production systems. A distinguishing focus has been the integration of machines and materials to achieve optimum performance in production systems, as well as developing methods of engineering design. The Institute operates within the Faculty of Production Engineering, at the Warsaw University of Technology. Its role in the university is based on the belief that an engineer should be more than a technical expert. They must also be a high-level specialist in solving organizational problems at an enterprise level. In an era of universal automation and economic globalization, it is vital for businesses to adapt flexibly to changing market conditions. Engineers must develop high levels of interpersonal skills. It is imperative that they organize their work to effectively lead and collaborate with colleagues. Such people are engineer engineering managers.

The curriculum for engineer engineering managers is based upon scientific problem solving and design in the field of production. This is achieved through coursework, projects and research activities addressing management issues in an enterprise. This includes global management concerns of an enterprise in terms of operational, technological, economic, organizational, information, and social aspects. The institute’s areas of interest overlap considerably with several business-oriented disciplines.

The Institute of Production Systems Organisation operates teaching, scientific research, and service in the field organization of production and management. The primary focus on issues of corporate governance in terms of production differs from other disciplines also in the framework of the Warsaw Technical University where management is typically associated with finance and risk.