Diploma exam

List of questions

  1. Discuss the relationship between work in progress (WIP), lead time (LT) and throughput (TH) from the production system (based on Little's law).
  2. Give and briefly characterize the 8 wastes (Muda) according to Lean Management.
  3. Give a definition of a production system and discuss examples of inputs to production systems.
  4. How can companies eliminate bottlenecks in production? Give examples/buffers.
  5. What maintenance concepts do you know? Discuss one of them.
  6. What types of methods are used to assess the profitability of an investment project? Give an example of such a method and tools and briefly describe them.
  7. Companies prepare what types of financial statements? Describe one of them, considering the purposes of preparation and its structure.
  8. What factors influence the propensity of enterprises to invest internationally?
  9. What are the top 3 types of financial risk that multinational companies are exposed to? Please list them and describe one of them.
  10. What is transactional risk in an enterprise operating internationally and how can enterprises hedge against it?
  11. List the main differences in quality management between TQM and ISO 9001.
  12. Proces approach in quality management.
  13. Integrated management systems – essence and principles.
  14. The process map structure of integrated management systems.
  15. The sustainable development on a company level.
  16. Explain the terms "identification" and "traceability".
  17. What is risk-based thinking in ISO 9001?
  18. List and characterize the types of quality costs.
  19. What is the context of organization and the needs and expectations of interested parties?
  20. List and characterize project management methodologies.
  21. Describe components of promotion -mix.
  22. Describe internationalization strategies of companies.
  23. Please explain the abbreviation CSR and describe the main assumptions of the concept.
  24. Please explain the term "innovation" and classify them.
  25. Please list the forms of entering the foreign market and discuss one of them.
  26. The essence and importance of quality management in a manufacturing company.
  27. Please discuss the international marketing environment - the areas the organization can control and those it cannot control.
  28. Based on the discussed case study "Strabucks - going global fast", please explain the concept of "a self-reference criterion".
  29. Please discuss the evolution of marketing from Marketing 1.0 to Marketing 5.0.
  30. Please explain the Marketing Process.
  31. Based on the case study "Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid" explain the importance of this market in the development of International Marketing.
  32. Explain what factors affect changes in exchange rates.
  33. Explain what is marketing mix.
  34. What are the methods of strategic analysis and the purposes of application?
  35. Explain what a business model is?
  36. How do modern Industry 4.0 tools affect the organization of the production process?
  37. Please discuss measures of the level of economic growth.
  38. Methods of diagnosing quality problems.
  39. The essence and importance of quality management in a production company.
  40. Give a definition of a production system and discuss examples of inputs to production systems.
  41.  What maintenance concepts do you know? Discuss one of them.
  42.  QFD method - characteristics.
  43. The concept and types of innovation.
  44. FMEA method - characteristics.
  45.  Lean Canvas - characteristics.
  46. Critical path method (CPM) - characteristics.
  47. Give a definition and classification of industrial products.
  48.  Please discuss the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  49. List the  types of production and describe them shortly.
  50. List and briefly describe the main stages of designing a logistics system.
  51. What is a logistic system and its elements?
  52. Characterize the main sources and options for acquiring technology by enterprises.
  53. What does it mean to manage the logistic system?
  54. What is a quality management system?
  55. What are the principles of QMS?
  56. Explain the economic situation difference between domestic and international companies?
  57. Discuss the main factors affecting the level of innovation in the enterprise.
  58. List the differences between waterfall and agile methodologies in project management.
  59.  Discuss the use of Business Intelligence.
  60. Present the evolution of integrated information systems.